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"I have a real desire to see our alarming health statistics reversed through education and prevention initiatives. It is evident that a new paradigm in health care is necessary if we as a nation are to enjoy robust health and a thriving economy. We have a unique geographical position in the world and are well positioned to be a world leader in health care. Encouraging integrated and sustainable health related practices and inspiring people to improve their health is very meaningful use of my time and something I feel really passionate about."

What is the Allison Roe Trust?
Allison Roe Trust is a women’s health trust with a goal to make a difference to the health of NZ women and their families.

Why a women’s health trust?
Women are the health gate-keepers for the family. Women influence their men, their children and family purchase decisions. We believe that if we target woman, then through women we involve the entire community.

Who receives Funds raised by Run to Heal?
In the past all funds raised through Run to Heal or other related events were directed to breast cancer initiatives and we continue to support breast health.  It was decided however that supporting 'women’s health' in the broader sense would be more powerful and touch more lives. Organisations receive funds from the Allison Roe trust via a tendering and selection process as funds are available.

How much money raised by The Allison Roe Trust goes to use in our communities?
Funds raised through Run2Heal, events or donations go to the Trust for health initiatives in NZ communities. 100% of all donations go to the trust for use in New Zealand communities.  To date there have been no fees, wages or administration charges of any kind borne by the trust.


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