Allison Roe's life changing message to all women

Billions of dollars have been raised world wide to tell us that a cure for breast cancer is ‘just around the corner.’   But we are still just as far away from the elusive cure and quite frankly this is not good enough!

The new Breast Health Foundation aims to empower and educate women with a scientifically based message of breast health optimization and breast cancer prevention.

To kick off the foundation I am excited to announce a partnership with kiwi boy, Will Martin the youngest tenor in history to go to the top of the UK charts!  Will is backing the new Breast Health Foundation as our first international ambassador! 

By purchasing Will’s new album for Christmas THIS WEEK and asking our friends and families to do the same we can ensure that ‘Inspirations’ becomes a world’s best seller!  And the new Breast Health Foundation will gain a helping hand to the tune of $3 per album! 

‘Inspirations’ is absolutely stunning and destined to secure ‘Will Martin’ as a serious international brand.  He’s already gone double platinum with his first album and we want to build on that success!  

The relationship with Will means that the Breast Health Foundation can begin to change the world by inspiring, educating and empowering the women you love to take care of their breast health.

Please pass this message to family, friends and colleagues and purchase online this week!  It’s the perfect Christmas gift.  Thank you for your support!

Good health and love
Allison Roe


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