Medical and Scientific Findings

  • Pharmacists and medical doctors report that many people are unable to tolerate chemical sunblocks due to the chemicals causing allergic skin reactions.
  • Researchers at Queensland University in Australia found that certain chemicals in sunblocks can and do penetrate the skin.
  • FDA (Federal Drug Authority) USA are taking a hard look at chemical sunscreens and their potential negative effects on a long term basis because they do not yet know the long term effects of chemicals in sunscreens.
  • Scientists have studied sunblocks containing certain chemicals and have concluded that long term use of a chemical sunblock may be harmful. The three common UV filters used in sunscreens are oestrogen mimicking chemicals that have hormonal effects and have been found to trigger developmental abnormalities in rats. The chemical filters behave like oestrogen in lab tests making cancer cells grow more rapidly.

Health Recommendation:

Wear a non chemical sunblock (like Native Spirit.) Play safe with your health and minimise use of suncare products containing chemicals such as:

  • 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC)
  • octyl methoxycinnamate (also found in Norwegian research to be toxic)
  • benzophenone-3


As your skin is the largest organ of the body, treat it with respect and care, after all it is part of your detoxification system and everything we apply to it is absorbed and has an influence on our internal systems


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