Natural Spirit Natural Protection Sunscreen SPF 15+

Broad Spectrum
Herbal Water Resistance 3 Hours

Native Spirit natural protection sunscreen SPF 15+ is designed for deep moisturising action and safe protection from the sun, without chemical UV absorbers. This special formula helps minimise skin damage from UVA and UVB, whilst also useful as a healing lotion for problem skin conditions. Organic native plant extracts enhance UV protection, encourage skin rejuvenation and collagen repair. Quality oils, antioxidants, ACE, seaweed and buckwheat extract helps to protect skin from free radical damage.

Apply all over body and rub in prior to sun exposure. Use every day for skin nourishment.


  • Purified energised water
  • Essential Oils of Vanilla
  • Wheatgerm: Is a particularly rich source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents breakdown of many substances in the body.
  • Avocado Oil: Provides thiamin, riboflavin and Vitamin A
  • Carrot Oil: Provides the body with a source of Vitamin A. Beta carotene in an antioxidant that works with other protectors to defend cells from harmful free radical damage.
  • Aloe Vera: The gel is used to treat burns, skin rashes and insect bites. It aids in healing wounds by drawing out infections and if used early enough to prevent infection from starting.
  • Cocoa Butter: Contains antioxidants and has antiseptic and preservative qualities.
  • Shea Butter: Protects the skin against weather, sun and aging; aids in elimination of superficial irritations. Well known to assist dermatitis, eczema and burns
  • Seaweed Extract: Contains over 30 vitamins and minerals and is valued as a sustainer to the nervous system.
  • Buckwheat Extract: A source of thiamin and folic acid. Possesses antioxidant properties.
  • Amalaki: Is referred to in ancient text as the best medicine to prevent aging. It is a very strong rejuvenative which is believed to be the richest natural source of antioxidant Vitamin C.
  • Walnut Extract: Walnut has been used to treat skin diseases using the bark and ground hull of the nut. Other uses include treatment of eczema, hives and boils. Diluted walnut oil may be used to treat dandruff.
  • Glycerine: Is used in cosmetics as a favourite in keeping skin soft.
  • Micronised Zinc Oxide:An all round effective blocking agent.

Native Plant Extracts:

  • Harakeke: Has been used in the treatment of abscesses, swollen joints, sunburn, burns, wounds, chilblains, boils, measles, chickenpox, rashes and varicose ulcers.
  • Tanekaha: Has been used in the treatment of skin disorders, boils, abscesses, and septic infections.
  • Karaeo: Has been used in the treatment of skin conditions, especially itching.
  • Kohekohe: Has been used in the treatment of boils, skin eruptions and rashes. Used in baths for children’s conditions. Aids in stopping bleeding.
  • Pohutukawa: Has been used in the treatment of wounds (historically used on gangrene), inflammation aids in stopping bleeding.
  • Koromiko: Has been used in the treatment of ulcers, hemorrhaging, sores, lumps, boils, abscesses, septic infections, piles and babies chafe.
    Horopito: Has been used in the treatment of burns, rashes, scars, and skin eruptions.
    Manuka: Has been used in the treatment of burns, scalds, wounds, sores and inflammation


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